Visual Art

In all it’s forms is an important part of the curriculum from Nursery through to Secondary Education. Students of all ages are taught to develop skills and techniques, which allow them to express themselves, their thoughts and feelings using varied media and processes. The primary school concentrates on developing ideas in drawing, painting and craft skills which are further developed as the the pupils progress into their secondary education.


At Sentinel Kabitaka we offer music at both primary and secondary level. Each year group follows a comprehensive course, which will help them to become musically articulate, musically literate and musically responsive. Regarded in that light the relationship between the three elements present becomes clearer and the fact that each area compliments the others is revealed.


Drama is also offered as an extracurricular activity along with other performing art forms such as singing, dance and poetry. This class comprises of students of different year groups. As part of drama we focus on the basic training 1. The modern scene 2. The character opposite scene 3. The Shakespearian scene and 4. The one act plays.